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Lets learn something thats factual..OK..???

Truth time deal with it!

9/29/05 India Alal 1 0 Islamic militants abduct a civilian and beat him to death.
9/29/05 India Srinagar 0 19 Fifteen civilians and four security personnel are injured when a Muslim militant hurls a grenade into a crowd.
9/29/05 Chechnya Grozny 3 1 Mujahideen gunmen open up on a car, killing two police officers and a 3-year-old girl. The girlīs mother suffered injury.
9/29/05 Iraq Balad 99 124 About one-hundred people are massacred in three separate suicide attacks by Sunni fanatics. Most were at a vegetable market or near a bank. The third was near a clothing shop. Many more are injured, most with burns - some with missing limbs.
9/29/05 Pakistan Karim Kut 5 0 al-Qaeda terrorists stage an attack on a vehicle carrying government officials, killing five.
9/29/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 8 In two attacks, Sunni gunmen machine-gun workers at a Shia bakery as well as a van carrying soccer-stadium employees. Four people are murdered.
9/28/05 Iraq Tal Afar 6 30 A female suicide bomber detonates a bomb packed with metal ball bearings in a crowd waiting outside a recruitment center. Six are killed and many hurt.
9/28/05 Afghanistan Kabul 9 28 Nine Afghans are killed outside a military training center by a suicide bomber on a motorbike. Twenty-eight others are injured in the blast.
9/28/05 India Nasu 2 0 A civlian is killed in his home by Islamic militants and another (in Thom Gali) is abducted and executed.
9/28/05 Iraq Ramadi 5 0 Five American soldiers are killed in a senseless roadside bombing by Islamic terrorists.
9/28/05 Sudan Aro Sharow 34 10 Thirty-four refugees are massacred by Arab militia on horseback at a camp. Women and children are amply represented among the dead.
9/28/05 India Malad 2 1 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists invade a home and take a family of four hostage during a shoot-out with police. A mother and daughter are killed.
9/27/05 Iraq Baqoubah 9 21 A suicide bomber kills himself and nine innocents in the process of applying for government jobs. Twenty-one others are injured.
9/27/05 India Mendhar 1 0 A Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist uses a teenage girl as a human shield in a gun battle. Both are killed.
9/27/05 Iraq Kut 22 0 The bodies of twenty-two victims of Islamic terror are found bound and executed outside a small town.
9/26/05 Afghanistan Helmand 4 0 Taliban landmine kills all four people in a passenger car.
9/26/05 Thailand Tonmaisoong 1 1 A 54-year-old man is killed by Muslim terrorists while sitting in a tea shop.
9/26/05 Iraq Baghdad 6 14 A suicide bomber blows himself to Allah in an attack against a bus carrying oil ministry staff workers, taking six innocents with him and leaving fourteen others critically injured.
9/26/05 Israel Ramallah 1 0 The body of an Israeli factory worker is found after he is kidnapped, tortured and killed by Hamas.
9/26/05 Iraq Muelha 6 0 In a senseless attack, nine Sunni gunmen walk into an elementary school and drag five Shia teachers and their driver out of their classrooms, put them up against a wall and execute them.
9/25/05 Pakistan Lahore 2 0 Two more victims of the 9/22 blast die from injuries, including a 7-year-old girl.
9/25/05 India Kalotra 1 0 A government lecturer is shot to death by the Mujahideen.
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