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****WTH**** MY First PINN and poem****


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United States
10/08/2011 04:17 AM

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****WTH**** MY First PINN and poem****
Is mother Shipton correct only our time will tell
It really only matters whats good and will sell

who knows when Canary will rear up and blow
To divide us and kill us as only we sow

Lets lie to each other and create us some fear
Let's growl to our neighbors so they know we're here

The prophets have told us how it shall be
not quick or easy as some us us see

For as we wage onward our fear we succumb
as our end draws we wonder what to become

For as i see clearly our hate ever builds
sorrow i know as our souls it does kill

ponder for a moment a message I bring
pease hear it as i do and let out a sing

our lord wanted free will for us to to be free
he gave his own life and blood don't you see

As the true power you know our king reins
There has been no other i don't care for the names

You like the old Texan named Bush and the drama
or maybe the smooth guy they call the Obama

Do you like the new party who loves there new tea
or maybe the distractions on wall street you see

you give me reason to fight, hate, distract .
your not always going to find a young democrat

listen very closely as i tell you the truth
the evil at hand is worse then James Booth

He's the one who's been waiting for such a long time
you've waited and wondered when he'd arrive

We'll anti Christ man is a continence you see
just laughing at you as well as to me

Set your heart right for it is at hand
or let your soul go as if it were sand.

This is the time remember you saw
for this time we choose if we do fall.

i am no poet this is the first that i wrote
that is all that's my hand note !!!!!!!!!!!

Oct8th2011 GPM
A Clear Choice Is Upon US.
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