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Message Subject Illuminati Royal Bloodlines
Poster Handle RabbitQ
Post Content
What's wrong with you people? You're comments are nothing but an attack towards these families because you claim that they have their own agenda yet you fail to see the other side of the spectrum. Don't you think that these conspiracy theorists also have their own agendas in mind as well Haven't you ever thought of that or are so focused in on trying to exploit certain families that you don't see it. I have friends with the last name Van Duyn who are really nice people, they have relatives from the Netherlands. So what, does that mean their evil just because of their name. Where do you get the gaul to even attack Van Duyn... i don't understand. i can't speak for any of the other names listed other than Rothschild which is actually a very common last name.. I also have friends with that name as well... Granted, they are a little more popular but the fact that you put an entire bloodline on the fire & try to burn it is really disgusting... have you lost your minds & any good sense that you have in your brains as well. Disney? seriously? & please don't call me naive because i know that's whats coming next. It's amazing how many people claim we live in a system that is designed around judging people for superficial reasons, yet people are being judged because of their last name. Let's say i did agree, let's say that some of the people mentioned have done things that aren't considered ethical... i don't know if thats the case but im just going along for a brief moment so i can prove a point.. lets say you have a 3rd cousin or had a great great uncle & this person whom you are related too started an evil organization of some sort. Lets say they made some unethical decisions, were greedy & caused harm to many others.... Would it be fair then if you, your brothers, your sisters, your parents, your grandparents, etc.... were classified as an evil bloodline for the rest of your lives because of the actions of one or two long distance members of your family? Ask yourself that? Would that be fair? Would it be accurate to call you & your siblings, & your parents evil because you may have had a crazy 3rd cousin or Great Uncle who did x, y, z, in the past. Also, blaming people is not the choice route for making change anywhere.. People who dedicate their lives to blaming others will not be able to focus on what they can do to create a positive environment. Just Stop it!!! Plus the NWO is made up of so many people, the number is gigantic. Do you think that 1 or 2 or 3 people who may have a large amount of influence on this NWO can possibly pay attention to every action of each individual... people have to take responsibility for their actions & if one police officer or TSA agent acts out of line, i am with all of you in saying, we have to stand up and do something.... but bringing certain last names into the mix will not do any good at all & will inhibit this type of change. You can either focus on the issue & help create change or you can be an idiot and say hey, It's Mr. Disney's fault that cetain TSA agents act the way they do because according to some people the two TSA assholes at said airport AND Mr Disney are all in the same group called the NWO ... ... cmon, people.... how freakin ridiculous does that sound... think about what your saying, think about the amount of ignorance that kind of mentality spreads.
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