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***STEVE JOBS: Thank you! You made the world a better place.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/09/2011 09:29 PM
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***STEVE JOBS: Thank you! You made the world a better place.
Fragments of twisted reality>>>>


#1 ACTION: Steve Jobs, in the late 1970s, sells

the APPLE I computer like hotcakes. Leading

rather quickly to the development of the much

more market friendly APPLE II. (Running on

Apple's own Operating System.)

#2 REACTION: Tandy Corp., owner of 5000+ Radio

Shack Stores, wants in on the hot new market.

They introduce the dirt-cheap [and powerful for

its era and class] TRS-80 personal computer.

(Running on Tandy's own Operating System.)

#3 REACTION: The CPM Operating System is licensed to OSBORNE [the suitcase computer -- pre-laptop]. dBASE II, and several other computer languages are written for CPM. And, tens of other independent computer manufactures pop up like weeds after a spring rain.

#4 REACTION: BIG BLUE FREAKS OUT. Billions of dollars are at stake in the computer main-frame market which seems likely to be undermined by the growing popularity and power of PCs.

This leads BIG BLUE to get into bed with MR. MONOPOLOY Operating System Developer, who together are HELL BENT to covertly wreck the PCs with crippleware.

#5 REACTION: Thousands of start-up software developers go bust because thier products flake out and are unreliable. MR. MONOPOLOY OS Developer then steals all the best and brightest vertical market ideas and markets its products that work better then everyone elses; BECAUSE it has the secret knowledge to program around its own crippleware.

What is crippleware? Everything from time-bombs to withholding critical low level disk i/o hardware messages. Net result is that developers who are unaware of the secret crippleware are sitting ducks to have their products blasted out of the marketplace.

#6 REACTION: Millions of folks wind up hating BIG BLUE and MR. MONOPOLY, and become APPLE'S BEST CONSUMERS.

#7 REACTION: Greedy MR. MONOPOLY can't put APPLE out of business without risking the US GOV'T viewing it as a MONOPOLY and breaking it up.

#8 REACTION: STEVE JOBS leads the tech world into the future of iPhones, iPads, etc.

The world benefits.

SIDE NOTE: MR. MONOPOLY has changed their tune in recent years and seems to be no longer hell bent to destroy third party software developers.
Chione latilirata

User ID: 18589343
United States
07/22/2012 08:27 PM
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Re: ***STEVE JOBS: Thank you! You made the world a better place.
Yea...but he made a very bad decision regarding flash...and he was not an honorable man with regardis to his out of wedlock child with his HS GF.

We all have a moral bank account....we make deposits and withdrawels..he is still in the black....barely.
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