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Message Subject Spirit Science:Chakras, Duality, Sacred Geometry, Atlantis, Evolution,Astral Projection, Metatrons Cube
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
Just a note:

Please refrain from the demon and fear talk.

Within the general masses, the idea of demons is derived from horror movies and fear of Hell.

You are creating fear on my thread and placing your perspective all over.

If that is what you have chosen to believe Xerces then so be it.

But I will not have you attempting to pollute this amazing series and this thread with fear.

Anymore responses that use the word 'demon' after this will be deleted.

Answer me this...what do you think the total number of persons killed in the name of religion in the last 2000 years?

100 million seem fair? 200 million? How many of those people were killed by demons and not at the hand of Man?

My point is, Man creates the horror we see. Man. Not demons. They don't have to. Man likes to point finger away to shift the blame when the blame rides squarely on His own shoulders.

Go in love.

NOT fear.


p.s. just woke and haven't had my coffee yet so forgive the jumbled reply.
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