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Message Subject Radioactive Rain - Barrie Ontario, Grand Canyon, Melbourne, St Louis, British Columbia, London UK
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's nearly impossible to remove radiation from water. Each radioactive isotope has different unique properties. It isn't something that can be filtered or distilled out. Heavy metals with radioactive properties can be removed to a small extent, but really when it comes down to it no one has access to a lab sophisticated enough to remove all the radioactive isotopes from contaminated water.

Airborne radioactive particle don't just blanket a region evenly, they blow with wind currents. What they leave are 'hotspots' of accumulated particles. They are now popping up worldwide. Eventually, there will be so many hotspots, travel will be impossible. Again, worldwide. These particles will accumulate in all food, whether grown in the soil, from animals or from seafood. It's called bioaccumulation. Eventually all food will be too contaminated to eat.

There are no measures in place to stop this, because WE DON'T KNOW HOW!!!We don't have the technology.

It's simply too late people. We all WILL die from this!
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