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Message Subject Radioactive Rain - Barrie Ontario, Grand Canyon, Melbourne, St Louis, British Columbia, London UK
Poster Handle .9999 Silver
Post Content
the highest reading I've seen in downtown vancouver canada

.674 uSv hr 1 min sampling rate
under shelter from the rain on a very rainy day.
have been told my meter was wrong...by one of the "powers that shill the net"... as that would be over the yearly allowable level if it held by a third ish.his post was deleted 1hr after he responded and before I could capture his figures. his figures sugested on a yearly base's we would be over by a third on our exposure levels...

current average 300+- .50 uSv/hr...

started at .090 to a high .214 uSv/hr in july
alberta readings were in the .250 to .345 uSv/hr back then.
did a road trip edmonton and calgary..

remember to multiply by 24 hr and 365 days for your potential exposure....if that figure ran 24/7...


I don't care if you believe me or not...your problem, buy a meter...do your own work and stop being lazy...
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