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Message Subject Radioactive Rain - Barrie Ontario, Grand Canyon, Melbourne, St Louis, British Columbia, London UK
Poster Handle .9999 Silver
Post Content
My meter is off getting re-calibrated.... I hate the down time.
did another road trip from van to edmonton to calgary and back...3000k trip.

... it sure has settled in to everywhere.

water seal on the tube wand wasn't good enough for the last part of the trip... blew the tube.

Waterbug... thanks your comments and efforts are worthy.

will post new reading when its returned.

... it data logs sec, min, or 5 min intervals...counts and rems and downloads to laptop... just figuring it out.
... hot particles hits stand like a sore thumb... I've had 20 to a hundred+ count jumps that get lost in the averaging over larger time frames...like the Gov. presents...the spikes are the killers...

Images Scientific LTD...in the US.... makes various models for school and Simple lab use.
... check em out on the net if your interested people. They match pretty good to mil. ones.
nice people... haven't got a clue... but nice...good to do commerce with... if you get a kit...remember its not calibrated and you will need to get that done...
Can get it with remote wand as well...very handy.
Battery eaters though... so get a power supply if you plan on logging data.
Rs235 out ..so probably need USB adapter.

delivered ...ended up about a grand in vancouver

Thanks all...
From Grandmother(Hiroshima survivor) and Me

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