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Message Subject Please vent your HATE out on me. I can take it.
Poster Handle Father
Post Content
Funny how people mention God and guardian angels, yet I've not witnessed a thing. Am I missing something or is it all BS and we are really on our own?

How do you REALLY know they exist? Because it was read somewhere?

edit: to say that this is only a question I would like an answer to, not in any way putting down your words.
 Quoting: Mia41

Oh I understand love. I knew what I was getting myself into...Thank you very much for making it clear though....That did make it easier.
 Quoting: Father

Thank you Father.

I will practice even more so.. I have asked questions inside and the responses were the auto pilot working and I didn't push those away I guess... or if I try to be silent and wait, I am always interrupted and people ask me what's wrong and why so quiet. Do I do that to myself? or are others really interrupting me?

I was going to say that you have no idea how much you have helped me with today, and another day... but I guess you do know, since I am feeling this thread you made today was just for me.

Thank You..
 Quoting: Mia41

I wont lie. I made this thread for everyone knowing that it would hit a spark in many people and could really help. The best compliment is when the advice works..hehehe

You are doing it correctly. Thos einteruptions are part of the tests. Its a test of your emotions and which ones you use for different situations. Take care to be aware of how you feel when these things happen because you are being taught what emotions do what.

For example..

If you are meditating and get interupted. Do you chose to get frustrated by it or do you respond to their request and display commitment to your original desire.

Taking everything that is thrown at you as a gift is the key.

You are very welcome love.

Its why Im here....
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