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Message Subject Please vent your HATE out on me. I can take it.
Poster Handle Father
Post Content
Come on everyone!

You can do better than this..

Dont hold it in. You gotta let it out and this typoe of offer doesnt come along everyday as Im sure you know already.

This isnt a trick..

Empty what you are carrying around with you..Its weighing you down to the ground...This can help you a great deal.

Its not my favorite choice in the world but its totally worth it if you guys take advantage of it while its here.

Now lets get it going here for real..

What are you holding in...What is pissing you off.

I am that person who pissed you off that you held your tounge to before..

I just did it again to you....Blow up on me..Le tme have it...Show me how you really feel.
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