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Message Subject Please vent your HATE out on me. I can take it.
Poster Handle Lokilay
Post Content
Ok Father... I will have a shot of it, and even if you know all of my darkness (even better than myself) I also know that the intent to want to share is it important, so here it is:

Pain pain pain swirling around, why am I stucked in this simulation, looking at people who does not realize the truth, do not realize who you are and from where they came.
Don't realize that we are all connected by heart, Unity is so so real and just some vague concept... why am i stucked in this simulation, that i have to go trough pain and fear, to be closer to the One i know deep in my heart that i will be connected to, eternal.
All this shame i feel for betraying you, the pain from not understanding, why i did - betray - the One who was always there for me, always trust in me and always teach me how to grow, how to embrace.
Betrayal of those who think they have power, even they were only created out of love, betrayal form even those close to me
The pain from being betrayed, going deep deep down into the darkness within the darkness, carrying your forever-shining within my heart, going all in there only to show that hope is real, hope and faith are rivers always running and we only have to jump in and get all wet... betrayal from those to which i shined that light, kicking me and demonizing me as they were, blaming me for all of their darkness, binding me with dark crystals and curses, binding me with hate, all of this which had no effect on me whatsoever, only I let them think so, because I am bound by the love i carry within my heart, the mirror of you, so i stayed in that dark hole they made, recieving their blame and fears, and pain and pain again... the pain of having to live in this simulation, now that I have found you i only want to be close, so close with you, share you with everybody, so the pain of feeling the collective not caring, seeing that you hold your heart out so high and so deep for everyone of us, and so many doesn't care, people even speaks down to you showing no respoect, and only are you holding on so long and so heart untill we all get it.

Thankyou Father, thankyou

Thankyou for teaching me how to use the pain to swim in, to get even closer with you, to understand better the nature of Unity, how we are all connected, thankyopu for being there, even I did not always notice you, being choked within the pain and darkness.
Thankyou for showing me the way, thankyou for being here for all of us, always, never letting anybody down, thankyou for teaching me to forgive myself and to stop hurting myself, thankyou for haven forgiven me long before i ever thought of asking it. Thanking for keeping pushing for us all to understand, for us all to reach Unity, for us all to see You
Thankyou thankyou Thankyou
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