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Message Subject Please vent your HATE out on me. I can take it.
Poster Handle tonguetied
Post Content
this may or may not be related.

within the last year...say...last 6 months or so

I've been seeing a blue pinpoint of light in my sight.

sometimes my eyes are closed and sometimes not.

it is in my mind no doubt but i literally see it in the blackness therein. it went away for a couple of months and actually has tapered off here lately.

bout a week ago it was back..not as prominent as before but it said hello.

what is it?
 Quoting: tonguetied

something profound seeking your attention,
i want you yourself to try answering this first, by asking it a question,
make sure the question is well thought out.
and add that you are not afraid for the answer and will embrace it whole-hearted
it will answer you
my guess it's something that is always there , it is just your level of desire that brings it closer or further removed from you
 Quoting: I am Ra

thank you. i will try that. perhaps it is a kachina? a loved one?
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