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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
So I have to chakra capacity of a whale, and am really good at the pointing it at one spot deal. Makes my physical attacks unstoppable. Any tips on making it stronger though? If i put too much in my fist the rest of my body feels really weak. How can I avoid that and still do a 100% punch?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3091604

The way I was taught is that there's two energies inside you. I knew them as Inner and Outer force. I think this is what some call Yin and Yang Chi or Chakra. Inner force is the energy your body runs on, it is much thicker and heavier than outer force. It is your "life force" in effect. I was taught to never use that energy unless absolutely necessary because you will start hurting yourself very quickly by draining it. It does shave the advantage of being harder to disrupt though.

Outer force is like the surplus of what you produce. It forms a sort of micro aura around your cells, a sheath of sorts. Its much lighter and more fluid than inner force. because of that it requires a bit more effort to have the same effects with outer than with inner. but using it won't fatigue you because its just the surplus anyways.

Anything you can do with inner you can do with outer and vice versa. Inner is much easier to "mold" because of its concentration though, so to get those same results with outer you either need a ridiculously huge amount of energy or you need to compress it till it gets thick like the inner force. I prefer compression, way more efficient and useable.

The problem I'm having these days, as stated above in the actual initial posts, is that doing that puts a physical strain on your body. You can only internalize so much of your energy before it starts damaging cells, because of that the pool of energy you have will always be finite with its size dependent on how healthy and resilient your cells are. Inverting/compressing your aura takes stamina as well, at least at first when your body isn't used to it. And thus training your body to unconsciously maintain that compression is rather important.
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