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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Basically I draw in energy from the environment around me and that doesn't just mean "nature". Then I smooth out all of the differences in the individual bundles wavelengths and such until it becomes one uniform chunk of energy. I use that to refill whatever is lost in my pool, or if necessary send it straight to a location as soon as its processed to be used in a spell or whatever.

The storage in my body gives me instant access to that pool of power, I don't have to waste time gathering the power, its already been done.

This is why I like my method, I have instant access to that reservoir of purified power and yet I never run out of it. The only thing I have to do is make sure my input remains higher than my output. Normally that's not a problem but on occasion if you're running yourself too hot for a prolonged period of time the "wiring" begins to heat up and degrade, and when that begins you start drawing in energy at a slower rate because now there's resistance building up in the system. Then it becomes a downwards spiral very quickly.
 Quoting: Reiz

(AC 1537816)
Well unfortunately I can't message you because my account isn't upgraded, mah bad.

To me that constant refilling just sounds like a pain to keep recharging yourself when you could just have a constant flow, like a stream. If you're "heating up" as you say, maybe working in increments and getting your body used to running at that rate rather than throwing yourself into it (and risk frying yourself again) is better, even if it seems too tentative. Just speaking out of concern, not assuming I know anything (as people here are trigger happy).

Most the stuff you talk about this thread I already know, which is surprising you're my age and most people that know this stuff that in depth are like, in their forties. But I have to admit though the inverting the aura is a definite surprise. Why would you invert something that is naturally outflowing, I'd think it functions best in its original design and you could find something else to get the effects you're look for but that is just an assumption for now.

I'd like to consider myself clever and a smart ass but honestly, right now I'm completely boggled by something. So this confuses me, and I will ask your opinion though, is about some odd thing with my arm. All this energy keeps pouring out my left arm constantly like an energy surge using my arm as an outlet. However I never feel weakened or tired, it's just an outpouring. Started uhm, earlier this year and at first my arm and hand was painful, hurt a lot when it began to happen in spurts but now I'm used to it. I can't place my hand on anyone without harming them, they get physical pain. Also cause rashes to break out on people, veins to pop up, even laying it on myself hurts. : / Like wtf. Whenever I fall asleep the palm of my hand can't be anywhere near my body. Gladly it's not my right hand because shaking hands would be nerve wrecking. So why? That's my question lol. Why.
 Quoting: lovelyendeavor

Well first off, even if you do train your body to be able to handle very large surges of energy, there will still be a limit to it. You can still only handle surges below X amount, this is the same thing.

A naturally out flowing aura is too light and wispy to act as effective armor for one. And you waste a huge amount of energy if you just let it keep flowing out of you like that. A lot of it just burns away before you can use it. In addition to that, you're far easier to sense when your energy is pouring out everywhere, thus making stealth impossible. And I'm not sure if you've noticed but its kinda hard to see through a brightly colored aura :P

Compressing it solves all of those problems. You will still have a portion that flows out of you but its more like a fine mist than a raging waterfall.

as for your hand..... I'll have to think about that one for a bit. There must be some reason energy wants to flow out there or collect there.
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