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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
too much rudundant info out there

the quickiest way to raise your energy levels and consciousness is by abstaining from food, sex and sleep.


it's worthless to practice qi gong and then go home to have a steak and sleep with your wife. 95% of your energy goes down the drain.

sleeping is also detrimental. you may be a damn kung fu master, or an athlete, but if you still sleep 'relaxed' for several hours every day, a good portion of the energy attained with training is drained / consumed.

it's worthless to fast periodically if you still sleep too much and still indulge on sex.

physical exercises , for example, will cancel the damage that food does to the body, yet the major cultural belief for the practice of sports is that you must 'eat more and better'. Absolutely ridiculous... People live in contradiction.

Fitness cultivates energy. Food kills it.

and so on... many other examples can be given.

You need to conquer / control these 3 basic necessities with a 99% level of success. Conquering 1 or 2 does not suffice because each one of them leads to the other 2.

It's the only way out.
 Quoting: gus 3728975

Yeah well my experiences prove otherwise.
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