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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Xisuthros Rex
Post Content
Uggg... another reason I want my powers is to be able to get as far away as possible from these wastes of space that call themselves my family.

I'm mostly blind, dropped out of university because I kept getting attacked by the "paranormal" and couldn't deal with the stress of it, don't have a job for the same reasons, and hold beliefs because of my experiences that my family writes off as simply crazy.

My ONLY hope for escape is to be able to fly and disown these worthless excuses for people more than I already have. With my eyes its not even like I can just run away and expect to make it on the streets or in the wild.

And these people have complete dominance over me. My "sister" decides to kick me out whenever I "act like an ass" or disrespect other members of my so-called "family". Doesn't matter what actually happened, any and all disrespect is met with by a crackdown. And its not like I can just hop in my own car and leave for my own home because I don't have any.

And yes she decided to just kick me out again for the weekend. Its amazing I haven't just beaten her fat bitch ass to death and run away myself despite the risks.

I am the failed child because I didn't conform to the "go to school, get a job, make lots of money" religion like they did. And frankly I doubt they're even capable of comprehending why. Oh yes, I've tried explaining some of this to them. Apparently I'm flat out wrong and should've just stayed in school.

UUUURRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! Some days I do want to just kill them.
 Quoting: Reiz

With your adeptness in energetics you should be able to do this: Blind fold yourself and will your second sight into use.

I had a friend in Akido who I helped to tap into the ocean of chi all around around us...

Through hard concentration he learned to see through the blindfold and move around everything with ease...he could even see behind himself.

Basically its the same sort of thing you are doing to astral travel. Willing the light organ of sight into being but at the same time retaining full bodily occupation, stacking the astral body right onto the physical. Co-planer being mode.

It ended when he decided to look again with his physical eye......but it doesn't necessarily have to....but you have to believe that it doesn't have to and have your mind sustain the paradox.
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