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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
With your adeptness in energetics you should be able to do this: Blind fold yourself and will your second sight into use.

I had a friend in Akido who I helped to tap into the ocean of chi all around around us...

Through hard concentration he learned to see through the blindfold and move around everything with ease...he could even see behind himself.

Basically its the same sort of thing you are doing to astral travel. Willing the light organ of sight into being but at the same time retaining full bodily occupation, stacking the astral body right onto the physical. Co-planer being mode.

It ended when he decided to look again with his physical eye......but it doesn't necessarily have to....but you have to believe that it doesn't have to and have your mind sustain the paradox.
 Quoting: Xisuthros Rex

Yeah that's plan B, I've managed that a bit but kinda lost it when I fried my Chakra network. Its one of the things I'm working on regaining. I'm not too bad right now but nowhere near enough to have it substitute for my actual eyes yet, even in their current state.
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