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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle gus
Post Content
lovely, the best approach is the "no approach". if you can put your approach into words, then it's probably biased. The best approach is Wisdom, and Wisdom is beyond language. Yet you seem to get it just right -- working on yourself is fundamental; the rest, if you can accomplish it, is a bonus. Pity the fool who runs around trying to lend a hand to others when he is handicapped himself. IF you extend a hand while having none, you'll just lose balance and fall into the same hole as everybody else -> misery likes company.

Yeah well my experiences prove otherwise.

 Quoting: Reiz

my knowledge says otherwise. and my experiences until now have only confirmed what I already know. I could be wrong, but most surely I'm not.

food sex and sleep are extremely powerful instincts. they are buried deep in the human cognition to the point that one's own survival and existence upon this world depends on the person being able to ignore the truth about them...

I have broken this barrier of cognition, and thus I'm able to see the truth. However just like everybody else, I'm still fighting this war. I'm just another warrior; the only difference is that I have been granted the power of "sight beyond sight".

it's taboo, you see. it's the most horrendous truth on the face of this planet. People will do everything in their power to ignore this knowledge. Denial is the most predictable answer. Sidetracking is the second most predictable.

it's doesn't matter what you believe. everytime you put food in your stomach, you lose energy. same for sex and sleep, albeit the energy is lost in more subtle forms.

it's just physics, cause-and-effect. it doesn't matter what you believe -- the negative physical changes are right there occurring in your body while you eat and sleep and fuck. and the effects crawl even to your consciousness, thus lowering it temporarily.

furthermore, Reiz, you seem to be a genuine player donned with consciousness while your family are just pawns inserted in your life. So be smart and play them to your advantage. It's useless to expect them to wake up as they are just pieces on a chessboard.

You need to impress people to get them to give you money, shelter and energy.

Your family doesn't care about your elevated state of mind; they want to see materialized goods coming out from your pocket; they want to see accomplishments in the social arena. You need to impress them with riches, diamonds, gold. They are not interested in truth or spirit.

It matters not how much spiritual you are if you cannot convert your spiritual energy into the bare minimum to sustain a life in society. Unless you are ready to leave society (and all of its comforts) behind. I for one am not, and so I have to use a small portion of my energy to maintain certain people close to me and to bring money into my life.

Anyway, lots of interesting replies. I hope you'll be interested in this one too. Thanks.
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