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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle lovelyendeavor
Post Content
well you could arguably put me in the same category as your friend. And I've learned lots from those realms. Usually what happens is that I learn stuff up there, then later on find out that it really did correspond to stuff down here exactly like it said it did.

Frankly, I see the situation here to metaphorically this, and I'm Setsuna:

 Quoting: Reiz

Oh lawd then he whips out the anime lol. You two would get along too well.

I don't see Setsuna sitting at home. : P I'm kidding. Well.. if that's the case... I guess I can explore a little bit and see what happens. Maybe learn something. I generally get the idea it's something I shouldn't fuck with though lol. I hear horror stories of people getting captured or stalked. I figured I'd learn and progress in real life as opposed to trying to at night.

So this is an embarrassing story but it's the internet so who cares. The last time, I actually had the guts to step outside my window and leave the safety of my room to see the world in new eyes, next thing I know I was transported to some man then holding me and I couldn't see who it was before I popped out of his grasp and back to body and woke up. Told myself never again after that. Unless you know how to break off people summoning you without your permission.
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