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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
I'm the resident combat expert of my group, yeah I know how to survive up there. I honestly can't tell if you read my initial posts but I kinda laid a bunch of this out already. Sorry, I'm not trying to be insulting :(

Either way the Kruger Effect can be pretty nasty and potentially fatal, I've had more than a couple close calls. And by close calls I do literally mean on the razors edge of death. Things like that were quite motivational in my decision to quit school as you can imagine.

But I've only really been targeted by people/groups who had a vendetta against me. And now they're pretty much all dead. These days its pretty peaceful.

I don't actually know how to explain how to un-hijack a channel though :S I guess at its most basic you disconnect and then reconnect again. People who emanate higher amounts of energy tend to be targeted because they stand out like a candle in the night. Hence the stealth reason for compressing ones aura :P
 Quoting: Reiz

Dude I read it all. I. Read. It. All. Jeez, sell a book why don't you lol. Yea but nothing you typed up explained anything about being "hijacked".

Well, I guess I'll depend on uh, my friend here to guide things smoothly.

I'm going to figure out how to get around that Krugar Effect thing, there has to be a way to disconnect or shield so the body isn't harmed. Eventually though, I have too many things on my mind.

Well, I'll leave on that note. : ) Probably drop back in at some other time.
 Quoting: lovelyendeavor

no I didn't cover the hijacking, you're right, sorry :(

I was referring to other things that on the second read didn't mean anything anyways.

Now I do want to email you or get you added to our Xfire chat but its kinda not so easy when we can't PM.
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