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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
I talked about how your aura can act as an inertial dampener and that flight can for the most part bleed almost no energy.

That quantum levitation demo actually shows why.

All of your energy inside that aura is locked in the same way. You simply point it in a direction, and you go that way. Things like G-force happen in fighter jets because the energy is not all traveling the same way. When the jet turns, some of its energy wants to continue moving forward, hence the force exerted on the pilot. All its really doing it trying to overpower the energy traveling in one direction with energy traveling in another direction.

Well if all of you is traveling one way and then all of you shifts another way.... you can't get G-force. You don't have kinetic energy fighting against itself.

The guys hand provides the energy shift for the disk, bringing kinetic energy in from the outside. And then it gets locked at that energy, atmospheric resistance could still slow it down somewhat but that's easily taken care of. I'd be providing the energy from the inside, and it would then be locked there till I changed my mind.

You can use this ability to also protect yourself from impacts, spreading and dissipating the energy with your aura and putting yourself in a sort of quantum bubble where outside forces don't tranfer inside very well.

You may have been flung at the ground at 150Mph, but inside your aura it would barley feel like anything. You spread the force of the impact away from you, causing an abnormally large dent in the ground from what you'd normally expect, an the locked energy inside you negated most of the rest of the shock of slowing down so suddenly.

And naturally you can basically negate the resistance from the air on you as you fly with this as well, making you more efficient.

Like I've said before I strive for efficiency, using my energy smarter, not just throwing out more and more and more of it.
 Quoting: Reiz

Oh and obviously a lot of it does depend on how much raw power you have access to. It doesn't all even have to come from you. Its just what do you have to work with. Being efficient with it only means you can make a little go a long way, but it gets to a point where you do just need more energy.
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