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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reikara
Post Content
Honestly I don't trust/like the astral realm. It's just one big fucking battle ground. If someone asked me I would never suggest they even go, and even if this sounds offensive... to me it's a big waste of time. What do you accomplish there, except to draw attention to yourself and potentially be hunted down? Do you ever learn anything meaningful or useful on that realm?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1537816

I swear it blows my mind every time someone says something like this. Not just that it helps validate my own experiences there, but I'm glad our own group aren't the only ones who recognize the reality and dangers there. Most of the time the only other people who go there are your typical religious zealot types who get herded around by angels then come back insisting that it's THE ultimate truth and nothing can ever hurt you beyond this realm.
 Quoting: Reikara

Hm.. herded around by angels is a funny expression.

Okay so what's on the table? Just training?

I think I'll join in with. ; ) I'm just a bit rusty but these posts are a huge inspirational shove to get back into it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1537816

Lol, in some sense I mean that quite literally. We used to hang out on a new age forum mostly consisting of "lightworkers". The majority of them were ok, despite a few of their own versions of bible thumpers.

However the majority of them who did go out and have Astral/ ability experiences and the like would always be shepherded around by angels and so called "light beings". Because those are the only beings they interacted with, apart from placing their own expectations on what'd be like out there (thus allowing beings to pick up on that intent and play them like puppets) they then come back insisting how oh so wonderful, magical and or divine the upper realms are and how nothing will ever hurt you.

Basically anything we said or any of our experiences with battles up there were void or just our 'imagination' simply because these beings had told them something contrary.

In the original thread we basically went on to detail all kinds of stuff although I guess Reiz wanted to dedicate a whole thing to training. That's really our main focus right now for a number of reasons.
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