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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reikara
Post Content
I'm too tired to bother writing it all out so I'll just copy the transcript.

reikara: I was stressing out because nothing ever happens and I’ve tried everything
reikara: So while medd’n down here I went into AP
reikara: To that place in the mountains, the training place
reikara: That temple thingy
reikara: I went and talked to one of the monk guys there that I think I must know somehow
reikara: He said his name was like Yan Pin but intuition is telling me it’s more like Yun/Yan Pao
reikara: Anyway he got me to sit down in one of the training areas and got me to do some basic stuff
reikara: It was going to be a run through of what I could actually do in AP so I knew what I was aiming for down here
reikara: So we did elements first of all, fire was easy
reikara: Too easy
reikara: But others like air and water particularly wasn’t
reikara: And he said it was because my idea of ‘relaxing’ wasn’t relaxing at all
reikara: Because at the time I was stressing out from having trouble or nothing happening and how things would turn out if I couldn’t learn these things
reikara: He said if I was *trying* to relax then I wasn’t doing it right
reikara: So I tried some very generic meditations and just imagined myself elsewhere in AP while being there at the same time
reikara: He gave me some kind of weird metaphor like if you wanted to stay standing in the middle of a storm you needed to bend with the wind instead of trying to resist it
reikara: I imagined just floating on the top of a sea, and that feeling definitely transfered down here
reikara: My body was getting that swaying feeling without moving
reikara: It’s almost like my astral body was trying to free itself by ‘swinging’ out
reikara: As the mediation got deeper I drifted closer to sleep, except when I hit the point of actually falling into sleep, it woke me up
reikara: And that thing happened again from the first time I did sleep deprevation training
reikara: The weird noise in my ear, and my body was just totally relaxed as
reikara: So now I know how to conciously get to that state
reikara: In that one it feels like my energy is just more powerful than usual too
reikara: I don’t think I need to be sleep deprived to acheive that anymore.

What had happened there was what happened the first time I tried the sleep deprivation training to force my body to just be as relaxed as possible. I meditated deeply however when I crossed that threshold between sleep and meditation, it actually woke me up instead of making me fall unconscious. In this state there was absolutely no resistance when getting my energy to flow.

However because my body was just tired out from days of lack of sleep it wasn't really capable of producing anything, so for now I need to catch up on some proper sleep.
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