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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Lol, in some sense I mean that quite literally. We used to hang out on a new age forum mostly consisting of "lightworkers". The majority of them were ok, despite a few of their own versions of bible thumpers.

However the majority of them who did go out and have Astral/ ability experiences and the like would always be shepherded around by angels and so called "light beings". Because those are the only beings they interacted with, apart from placing their own expectations on what'd be like out there (thus allowing beings to pick up on that intent and play them like puppets) they then come back insisting how oh so wonderful, magical and or divine the upper realms are and how nothing will ever hurt you.

Basically anything we said or any of our experiences with battles up there were void or just our 'imagination' simply because these beings had told them something contrary.

In the original thread we basically went on to detail all kinds of stuff although I guess Reiz wanted to dedicate a whole thing to training. That's really our main focus right now for a number of reasons.
 Quoting: Reikara

Is that why Reiz came at me thinking I was a bible thumper? I don't even touch the bible, but I am surrounded by a lot and interact because I see them all over and around me and other people, but that doesn't cloud my perception of the world or how I treat anyone. I don't force my beliefs down people's throats. And it especially doesn't distort my experience of the astral world.

I think that's just plain ignorance to tell someone people they are imagining things. Hell you could just say they're imaging things too. I mean, what logic is there in judging something to not exist just because they can't experience the same. If they distort their experience of the astral through perception (anyone can) then how can they think your experience would not be totally different.

Anyway that was my rant after a crap day at work.

Time for a chicken sandwich. : D
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1537816

These people are religicites, they don't have logic. That's right, I named them like you'd name a rock. Seemed fitting because they might as well have the intelligence of one.

They also tend to say we're on Ego trips and having grandiose flights of fancy because we think we're so important. I say they should get stabbed in the chest a few times and then see how important they feel after that before lecturing me about it.

And yes thgis is why I snapped at you back then, sorry. But we've both had enough experience with some of these so called spiritualits to know not to trust someone who claims to be able to "help" you with your understanding of things and such.

I do think I'm bettering myself, others around me however... see me as a lazy slob who is too lazy to go to work or school like a normal person and only wishes to sit around all day playing video games and sleeping in. Basically because I'm not making money, I must be lazy.
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