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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle lovelyendeavor
Post Content
These people are religicites, they don't have logic. That's right, I named them like you'd name a rock. Seemed fitting because they might as well have the intelligence of one.

They also tend to say we're on Ego trips and having grandiose flights of fancy because we think we're so important. I say they should get stabbed in the chest a few times and then see how important they feel after that before lecturing me about it.

And yes thgis is why I snapped at you back then, sorry. But we've both had enough experience with some of these so called spiritualits to know not to trust someone who claims to be able to "help" you with your understanding of things and such.

I do think I'm bettering myself, others around me however... see me as a lazy slob who is too lazy to go to work or school like a normal person and only wishes to sit around all day playing video games and sleeping in. Basically because I'm not making money, I must be lazy.
 Quoting: Reiz

Lol sounds like you combined the word with parasites. Well I mean being in a religion, that's the point. You're spoon fed everything you're supposed to do and meant to do. The irony though--of all the people who must feel so important, it's people following a religion that do most. Seriously. People who are hardcore religious find purpose in it, in order to find purpose you HAVE to think you're important somehow.

Btw I wasn't trying to help you do anything. : P I was being selfish actually, a trade of info were the words I used lol. Nothing free! But now that you know my dirty secret... Hahaha.

It annoys me too when I am criticized and the person is simply not thinking before they speak (or type in this case).
Lol I can hear the sarcasm dripping from that last sentence.
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