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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
I can't remember if I covered this in my initial posts but it seems the Kruger Effect depends a lot on how connected you are to your spirit and how much of your consciousness has transferred over to it.

If you're not very connected not much will happen to you physically if your spirit is attacked unless the attacker know how to force the connection. Which is a handy trick for assassinating troublesome sheep.

But if a lot of your consciousness is transferred over you could still die and yet not have any marks on your body from it.

Obviously if youre really connected to your spirit and you get clawed pretty badly and those claw marks show up 100% on your body... you'll probably be in pretty bad shape. But you can also be in equally bad shape if those marks don't appear at all. Your energy has been sucked away in that case it seems, and you can get other strange effects like compromised immune system for a while or strokes/ heart attacks caused by some sort of shock. Well those last ones are theories but I do know from experience that it does make you feel all weak and feeble for a while. No energy to even get out of bed sometimes, and you can get sick almost immediatley, even durng a fight.

I don't really know everything about the finer points of the Kruger Effect yet but hey, all we need to know is it means you can die from this stuff if you're not careful.

And you can, well I can, kind of sense how much of the person is in that spirit body. Helps me decide how brutal I get to be with them.
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