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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle lovelyendeavor
Post Content
I almost, almost had to fight him one time. There was someone down here who's spirit tried to get me and a bunch of others labeled as "enemy's of the state" essentially and it led to a standoff between my group and all the archangels in the throne room.

How that happened was I barged in and started fucking her up and then all of the archangels stepped in. Frankly I may be good, but 1 vs 13 or so archangels is not something I could realistically handle. I don't actually know how many there were, I didn't exactly take the time to count. Either way I was about to try doing it all myself until literally all the rest of my group popped in out of nowhere.

He is strong, I won't deny that, and is comparable to myself I'd say. But again, realistically, I think I'd win in the end. I'm not even the strongest member of my group, I'd say I'm 4th or 5th actually. But I refuse to ever give up or stop even if odds are against me. If i'm not dead, then I haven't lost yet.

I'd say I have far more of a drive to win than the archangels do. But not fighting for 22 odd years has dulled me quite a lot tactically, I am certainly not the strategist I was before I came down here. So I think it could go either way if I were to do it right now. I think it will take me a while to knock all that rust off.
 Quoting: Reiz

Just don't get too blood thirsty! Maybe make a point peacefully before you get yourself into even worse trouble later down the road.

What do you mean you haven't fought for 22 years? Does this tie into your reincarnation belief?

Howcome you don't combat in the physical? I see enough action awake, it's like I never saw a point even traveling the astral realm until I saw this thread. Just thought it was just a plus of being in control of you spirit and soul.
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