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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Oh god those tournaments.... Shay used to make me go to them for training because such a wide variety of fighters from all different backgrounds using a multitude of styles were guaranteed to be met at them. She figured it was a great way to sharpen my mind and abilities and keep me from getting rusty... and she was right. That amount of diversity really does help you learn to be dynamic and flexible. Although I hated them. HATED THEM!!!!!! D:<

Tournaments to me are meaningless fights. All you're diong is trying to prove who can beat the shit out of who. But it does help a lot with becoming a good tactician and all that.

Also, because some of these tournaments are massive with a few thousand entrants and become these huge week(s) long festivals where you know millions of people are going to be watching you it helps prepare (or desensitize) you for things like fighting a battle over a crowded city where you also have millions watching you.

You learn how to not let any of that stuff affect you in addition to all the other stuff. Plus you do get to see how you measure up against the best of the best.
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