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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle lovelyendeavor
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I wouldn't really know how to compare strengths and such, other than to compare it with friends or other people you've fought. Reiz keeps telling me about these tournaments in the astral heaps of fighters will enter to either learn or just prove how strong they are. I'm sure that could be one way to tell, but personally I'm steering clear of those.

The astral garden thing was in reference to this uncanny pattern that occurred in our group and I'm sure would happen to many others. When we first began to access the astral / spiritual realms and entered our own garden spaces, we were constantly attacked. Either by those with past life grudges, what Reiz termed the 'local authorities' and their associates, beings from various other factions with agendas etc.

Basically if you're human and you know these things, you're not very well liked by many beings up there, given the general opinion of what humans are to them. I remember the first time I was able to get into my garden fully, a girl came out of no where and beat me to the ground, she was rather pissed about something and even more pissed when I didn't recognize her or why she could have possibly been that angry.

Basically we didn't even have to move an inch to have the fights come to us. Even when we weren't in AP we were constantly attacked in dreams. After a while the amount of attacks declined I guess as people began to realize we don't just allow everyone to walk all over us. Not every encounter was a victory but my guess it may have become apparent their usual tactics they used on others didn't really work on us.

(Trying to convince us we're oh so special 'chosen ones' etc.) So while you can expect attacks and it's not exactly a shiny loving rainbows and lollipops land, if you begin to build a reputation for yourself as someone who doesn't take shit, the likelihood of being abducted/ attacked/ harassed etc will be lesser.
 Quoting: Reikara


Well my last two experiences ended short because other things interfered and I had to jet before something happened. Which is why I was just like, not worth the trouble. Now I have to figure out how to end trouble before I give up all together.

It's irritating when those inbetween creatures never like humans who know things. Got attacked a lot in the physical. Which I think is backwards, people who know more actually tend to develope more respect in general for that world. Well, so maybe some greedy humans outwitted them and screwed them over in the past too... But anyway.
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