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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Spellcraft - Basic Theory

You probably all know about how a stereotypical spell works, Wave your hands in some funky pattern, say some ancient sounding non-English word, and boom, spell activates.
Ever wonder why those physical and verbal components are there? Or
here's a better question, why is it that there's a specific prayer
for exorcisms in a given religion? Is it because those words have
always had an exorcising effect on spirits since before time began,
or is it simply because you <i>believe</i> they do?

Spells don't really have names or motions, they have mnemonic devices. By pairing your intentions with <i>specific</i> movements and/or words over and over and
over again you condition your body to respond to those actions the
same way it responds to the intention. But if the intentions all you
really need, why add the conditioning right? Some spell effects
require very complex, multistage activations and modulations of
energy in order to function properly. Trying to remember all that
yourself and do it all yourself each and every time is incredibly
difficult. It's like if you had to consciously control every system
in your body, you wouldn't have the energy to concentrate on anything
else. So you have a subconscious to do that for you automatically.
The "name" of a spell is like a computer script. By saying,
thinking or feeling it you run the script and the spell executes. You don't need to say the spell in order for it to work, but in the beginning that extra effort will help focus you. As you perform the same spells over and over you get used to them and won't need to say the name, or even think it eventually. You'll just feel the spell. But saying it verbally helps guarantee that you do all three.

Crafting a spell is not that much different from designing a computer script. There are easy ways, and hard ways to get the same thing done. I prefer the easy way. Standing there and trying to just intend your spell into
existence is very, very hard. If any of you know or are a programmer
ask them about using things like modules, lists, arrays and all that
stuff and why they do that instead of writing the entire script out
line by line. Brute forcing is like getting the computer to execute
10,000 lines of code one by one. Using verbal, somatic and other
devices gets the same thing done with 3.

Next part, why all the funky arcane words? Why not an English word I'm familiar with?

In Harry Potter why is Expeliamas (or whatever) called Expliamas? Can you use Expeliamas in a sentence that doesn't talk about that particular spell? Not really, right? That's
the point, you generally <i>don't</i> want to use a word
you're familiar with. That word is already associated with a concept
other than the spell you're making. I could've used Synch when I designed my spirit body merging spell, but synch
already means something else other than what I'm trying to achieve. I
don't want my mind to confuse the concepts of my spell with the ones
of synch. So I make up a new word specifically for this concept, Seya in this case. That
way I can ensure that there's no cross contamination. I'm not
synching myself, I'm seyaing myself, you see?

This doesn't mean you <i>can't<i/> use a word your familiar with, as long as you can very clearly differentiate between the two concepts you should be okay.

And all of these principles are the same for the somatic components as well. Making your own spells isn't much different than writing a computer script, depending how you look
at it. I hope this helped all of you

Please cast responsibly.
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