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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Spellcraft - Energy pressure changes and spins, The Regnent

I want to do a blog on how you use energy for things like levitation and flight as well as how you can mold it onto items for various effects and how the way you vibrate it effects what you can do with it as well as some of the side effects like sounds and such that it causes. Before I get to that more formally though I figured I'd post this little convo I was having with Reikara on the related subject of my Regnent and how I noticed certain similarities between it and something I saw in Naruto.


[20:22] Reiz: the Rasengan and Rasenshuriken bother me
[20:22] Reiz: on one hand they remind me of the Arc Hammer
[20:22] Reiz: except that the AH is a bloodrune spell
[20:22] Reiz: a very complex one
[20:23] Reiz: and works on a different system
[20:23] Reiz: well
[20:23] Reiz: kinda
[20:23] Reiz: its three stages of runes
[20:23] Reiz: although frankly I can't even explain what they all do at the moment
[20:23] Reiz: I know the second stage compresses energy
[20:24] Reiz: but in any case it has the same massive explosive effect as the Shuriken
[20:24] Reiz: except it remains a ball if thrown
[20:24] Reiz: and is more controllable
[20:24] Reiz: it remains a ball regardless actually
[20:24] Reiz: and has no element type
[20:25] Reiz: but it is pure white like that

[The Rasenshuriken also sounds exactly the same as the Arc Hammer when it hits much to my shock when I watched the show. That loud angry buzz? Oh yeah I know that sound.]

[20:25] Reiz: it just bothers me
[20:25] Reiz: however I did notice something cool
[20:25] Reiz: the Shuriken is actually most like the Regnent I designed during the NWO campaign
[20:25] Reiz: when I was watching the anime it appears to do something similar to the Regnent
[20:26] Reiz: in the sense that it seems to destabilize the bonds between matter
[20:26] Reiz: making things easier to shred
[20:26] Reiz: on a nanoscopic level
[20:26] Reiz: except that the Regnent only had a "blast" radius of like 10 feet
[20:26] Reiz: maybe a little more [at most]
[20:26] Reiz: it was designed to be very concentrated
[20:27] Reiz: huge damage on a single target
[20:27] Reiz: it also had no element type
[20:27] Reiz: although I was planning on adding one later if I managed to start tapping into elemental sources
[20:28] Reiz: which I didn't
[20:28] Reiz: so I never added the lightning/wind I wanted to to it
[20:28] Reiz: yes lightning AND wind
[20:28] Reiz: lightning first
[20:28] Reiz: I figured it was the best thing to enhance its vibratory, destabilizing nature
[20:29] Reiz: and wind because it would help with the tearing
[20:29] Reiz: but I never got to a stage in the campaign where I could start working on elements
[20:29] Reiz: I needed more time
[20:29] Reiz: these days I could though
[20:29] Reiz: I suppose
[20:29] Reiz: but whatever
[20:30] Reiz: Then again, I was trying to recreate the Arc Hammer with the Regnent
[20:31] Reiz: except that I was going through the campaign believing all that was a story
[20:31] Reiz: plus I had no way of using bloodrunes
[20:31] Reiz: that shit is way too advanced for the level I was working with
[20:31] Reiz: so I designed something different
[20:31] Reiz: and called it Regnent
[20:31] Reiz: and later upgraded it to the Sierra Regnent
[20:32] Reiz: and had a beam version called Exocet
[20:32] Reiz: and Sierra/Sienna Exocet
[20:37] Reiz: Also because lightning can be created with wind
[20:38] Reiz: via friction
[20:38] Reiz: so it only made sense to use it and wind
[20:38] Reiz: I couldn't think of anything else that would be effective
[20:38] Reiz: fire being the only other element light enough to be viable
[20:38] Reiz: but wouldn't enhance the spell in the right ways
[20:39] Reiz: water and earth are way too heavy
[20:39] Reiz: and also would enhance it in the wrong ways
[20:39] Reiz: making ti too massively destructive instead of concentrated
[20:40] Reiz: also because I was no where near the level of being able to manifest my own water
[20:40] Reiz: so it would only be usable a small amount of the time
[20:40] Reiz: same with earth
[20:40] Reiz: so I'd only be able to use it on the ground
[20:40] Reiz: but air is everywhere
[20:40] Reiz: and its light
[20:40] Reiz: and churns easily
[20:41] Reiz: so it was the best choice

Regnent worked on a similar principle as the Arc Hammer. Rascally you take raw energy and spin it in such a way that the energy both rubs against itself causing a sort of "friction" and also maintains a stable spherical shape. It is a membrane-less ball, which is important because it requires direct contact to some extent. By spinning it such a way that it automatically maintains the sphere shape it will also remain in that shape over distance, meaning you can throw the ball and have it still stay intact even though you are no longer consciously maintaining the spin. The energy is balanced in the pressure sense, just as wind wants to move from high pressure to low pressure the same is true with energy. But by reaching a zero pressure differential inside that ball by having it dynamically balanced, or at least as close to that as possible, you eliminate the risk of it simply spinning apart on its own. Most ranged attacks are spun in some way for this reason, to make sure they retain their punch while in transit.

Unless you use a separate energy membrane to hold it all together which is incredibly amateur in my opinion. I call it "DBZ style" because all you're doing at the simplest level is taking a bunch of energy, forcing it into one spot, then putting a membrane over it and lobbing it at your target. This only ever results in explosions as the energy moves from high "pressure" to low "pressure" and is nigh on effortless to survive if you just tune your aura to deflect the energy around yourself. the energy lacks any cohesion and has no punch because its simply trying to get away from itself as fast as possible.

In any case, the Regnent churns up more energy from the aether or ambient or whatever you want to call it with that "friction" it causes which then gets caught up in the spin like a tornado picking up debris. That "friction" is best described electromagnetically as induction, the way things like alternators and transformers can seemingly create electricity out of thin air.

The high vibrational energy also energize any particles they touch causing effect like ionizing the air to make the technique visible to vibrating the air to produce sound. Although the sheer vibration itself may be enough to create photons of light or spew off a miniscule mist of its energy as photons like mist on a comet. And when it hits, the complex spin begins to destabilize, but because the natural way this energy wants to move (because of the momentum it has now) is in the complex spinning flux you pushed them into, it doesn't just dissipate randomly, it instead continues grinding against itself as the field expands and eventually dissipates once its momentum finally gets cancelled completely my the environment. But while that's happening the energy is also grinding against whatever's on the inside of the sphere, tearing it apart. And because the matter inside is vibrating far faster than normal, the bonds are greatly weakened. (Heat isn't the only way to weaken molecular bonds :P) Thus making it much easier to rip apart whatever's inside that field. metals become incredibly brittle and flesh turns to tissue paper.

Many people write off concepts like this as "anime bullshit", however if they would only stop to think about it for half a second and put real physics against it they'd find its not nearly as bullshit as they assumed. When I saw this part the first time I couldn't help but drop my jaw as I saw what I know as the Arc Hammer, almost perfectly. So here's your visual aid of all that technical mumbo jumbo I was spewing.

Laugh if you want but I sure wasn't.

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