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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Spellcraft - Induction and the Ether

Heh, well this is half related to what I was originally planning to talk about at least :P
Actually it forms the basis of it, the underlying principles.
[16:45] J: Induction?
[16:46] Reiz: its how alternators and transformers seem to be able to make electricity out of friggin nowhere
[16:46] J: Oh
[16:46] J: Coils?
[16:46] Reiz: changing magnetic field creates a changing electric current and vice versa
[16:46] Reiz: hence why alternators spin
[16:46] J: *blink
[16:46] J: Oh
[16:46] J: Generators
[16:46] J: ?
[16:46] Reiz: yes
[16:46] J: Ai
[16:47] J: Yeah, I read a 60's encyclopedia article about that
[16:47] Reiz: this is also more or less what I mean by energy "friction" that I use to churn up energy from the ambient
[16:47] Reiz: except in normal induction there's no real friction
[16:47] Reiz: the energy is only going one way, which is why the induction works the way it does
[16:47] Reiz: with my energy i grind it
[16:48] Reiz: it has nowhere specific to go
[16:48] J: Kinda like a gear and pole
[16:48] Reiz: so it just gets swept up in my vortex
[16:48] J: So you ....
[16:49] Reiz: normal induction makes sure the energy ends up on the other side of the coils
[16:49] J: ...use the rotating cylinder /vortex of energy to draw in energy?
[16:49] Reiz: because its only getting churned up from one direction
[16:49] Reiz: yes
[16:49] J: Yeah
[16:49] Reiz: that's exactly what I do
[16:49] Reiz: even though I can't really control that energy the same as my own
[16:49] Reiz: it still adds to whatever I'm doing
[16:49] Reiz: making it more powerful
[16:50] Reiz: yet I didn't have to pay the energy cost to do that
[16:50] Reiz: its much more efficient
[16:50] Reiz: lets me do a lot with a little
[16:50] J: Yeah
[16:50] J: Hmm
[16:50] J: Lessee.
[16:50] J: A generator uses, a dynamo... ugh, I'm trying to remember how it went
[16:51] J: Lessee
[16:51] Reiz: lets put it this way
[16:51] J: It's a rod of magnet, that spins, and the field around that
[16:51] Reiz: normal transformer has one side of coils that you run energy to
[16:51] Reiz: the other side just receives
[16:52] Reiz: in my version you'd be running energy to both sides
[16:52] J: "snags" the electrons and pushes them, and makes them push the electrons in front of them, and so on, and the current flows
[16:52] Reiz: and thus the energy you churn up has no where to go
[16:52] J: It's a closed-circuit transformer?
[16:52] Reiz: ummmm..... sure....?
[16:52] Reiz: I dunno
[16:52] J: Uhm
[16:53] Reiz: but its because my energy is churning that it works
[16:53] Reiz: it gets caught up in the flow
[16:53] Reiz: thing is you can't just make infinite energy out of nothing
[16:54] Reiz: the amount you get out of the ambient per second is dependent on how deep you cut into it
[16:54] Reiz: and also
[16:54] J: Like.... A transformer is where you have one wire coil around a rod a certain number of times... and then you change the number of coils and wrap that around another rod...
[16:54] Reiz: that energy is not directly controllable by you
[16:54] J: yeah
[16:54] J: What is the ambient again?
[16:54] Reiz: at least not nearly as easily as your own energy that comes from/is of your body
[16:55] Reiz: in physics they used to call it the Aether
[16:55] Reiz: or Ether
[16:55] Reiz: can't remember how they spelled it
[16:55] Reiz: now there is no word for it
[16:55] Reiz: look up Nikola Tesla
[16:56] Reiz: he figured out more about it than damn near anyone else
[16:56] Reiz: the energy that's of your body can be controlled just as easily as your arm
[16:56] Reiz: the energy not of you needs to be manipulated by your energy
[16:57] Reiz: just like you'd manipulate anything you hold
[16:57] J: yeah
[16:57] Reiz: this is why you can't churn up infinite energy
[16:57] Reiz: eventually there's too much to hold
[16:57] Reiz: or at least hold without being clumsy
[16:58] J: So naturally you would either have to expend it or move it into some storage?
[16:58] Reiz: yeah [16:58] Reiz: kinda [16:58] Reiz: the energy you drawn into your body and process will become yours
[16:58] Reiz: but again theres a limit
[16:59] Reiz: the ambient energy you're churning up goes back to being ambient once its no long er doing anything
[16:59] Reiz: so ultimately the amount you can take out is the amount you can hold and no more
[16:59] Reiz: you can't store the rest
[16:59] J: Aih
[17:00] J: Unless you were to channel /your/ energy into something?
[17:00] Reiz: yes you could store your energy into some kind of crystal or something and then recharge yourself and go store more somewhere else
[17:00] Reiz: that's common
[17:00] J: Ai
[17:02] J: So...
[17:02] J: Once your "transformer/vortex" is mashing lines of energy against each other what happens after that?
[17:03] J: *if that's an accurate statement
[17:03] Reiz: the energy that's churned out of the ambient gets caught up in the spin of mine
[17:03] Reiz: as I described in my latest spellcraft blog
[17:03] Reiz: like a tornado picking up debris
[17:03] J: How does the energy get churned out of the ambient?
[17:04] Reiz: with induction
[17:04] Reiz: two way induction in my case
[17:04] Reiz: if it were just one way the energy would want to go into my not inducting hand
[17:04] Reiz: totally defeating the purpose
[17:05] Reiz: I want it to stay out and loose
[17:05] J: *rubs temples
[17:05] J: Ok
[17:05] Reiz: look you know electricity moves from negative to positive yes?
[17:05] J: So you run the energy against each other in a fashion so that it collides with each other, which then brings out energy from the ambient?
[17:05] Reiz: well in this case that's a problem
[17:05] Reiz: yes
[17:06] J: No I'm just trying to understand the aether
[17:06] Reiz: it brings it out anyways even with single induction
[17:06] Reiz: but it goes away just as fast
[17:06] J: and how the energy is disturbed and stays because of this
[17:06] Reiz: yes
[17:06] Reiz: because it has no "positive" to go to
[17:06] Reiz: it just sits there
[17:07] Reiz: and thus remains a part of my churning energy
[17:07] Reiz: doing whatever it happens to be doing
[17:07] Reiz: it remains null
[17:07] Reiz: its like a stem cell
[17:07] Reiz: it can be turned into whatever's near it
[17:08] J: OK
[17:08] Reiz: if I didn't use double induction it would want to convert immediately
[17:08] Reiz: and I don't want that
[17:08] J: So there is an ambient field of infinite energy, that is called the ambient?
[17:08] Reiz: yes
[17:08] J: ok [17:08] Reiz: that's what I call it at least [17:08] J: Lemme think [17:08] J: my next question out [17:08] Reiz: k [17:08] Reiz: I'll brb in the meantime
[17:09] J: k
[17:09] J: So it runs against each other....
[17:09] J: and.....
[17:09] J: uh....
[17:09] J: ther's the ambient sitting there
[17:10] J: and....
[17:10] J: the negative energy (actually positive but Ben franklin messed that up)
[17:10] J: is uh...
[17:11] J: it wants to fill in a hole ("negative")
[17:11] J: btu now there's no hole, though it was expecting one
[17:11] J: uhmm....
[17:15] Reiz: what the "grinding" is is you vibrating the ambient
[17:15] J: Arhg....
[17:15] Reiz: the ambient is made of energy that's not moving
[17:15] Reiz: now you've started shaking it
[17:15] J: Ahhi
[17:15] Reiz: therefore its not ambient anymore
[17:15] J: AH.
[17:16] J: Ok
[17:16] J: Now it makes sense
[17:16] Reiz: this is also part of why you need to have the energy coming from TWO directions
[17:16] Reiz: or else it won't shake
[17:16] J: And then you can fashion it so that the energy produced by grinding maintains the grinding
[17:16] Reiz: partly yes
[17:17] J: The other part?
[17:17] Reiz: the other part if it adds energy to whatever you're doing
[17:17] Reiz: that you yourself didn't need to add
[17:17] J: Aih
[17:17] J: OK
[17:17] J: Phew
[17:17] J: It makes sense
[17:17] Reiz: k
[17:17] Reiz: good
[17:18] Reiz: blog time
[17:18] J: ,acy!
[17:18] J: wait a sec, I still have more to say but my keyboard screwed up
[17:18] <This user is now offline>
[17:18] <This user is now online>
[17:19] J: OK
[17:19] J: So
[17:19] J: Final thing
[17:19] J: Do you necessarily have to run the energy upon itself in a particular fashion?  Or can you just lob it at itself provided it has nowhere else to go?
[17:20] Reiz: as long as it somehow gets the ambient moving it doesn't really matter
[17:20] Reiz: but some ways are better than others depending on what you're doing
[17:21] J: So it's the friction of energy that vibrates the ambient?
[17:21] Reiz: for example if you pierce straight into the ambient you're going to get a tight beam of energy coming out
[17:21] J: How do you do that?
[17:22] Reiz: depending what shape you cut you will get different shapes of energy coming out
[17:22] Reiz: well if you are vibrating energy very, very fast in a tiny, tiny, location the vibrations will run deep into the ambient but not wide
[17:23] J: So the friction has variables of rate of vibration and amount of energy being vibrated?
[17:23] Reiz: yes
[17:23] J: And that determines the way it shakes the ambient
[17:23] Reiz: yes
[17:23] J: Yay
[17:24] Reiz: different wave types matter too but I'm not going to try explaining that now
[17:24] Reiz: you need some actual experience doing this before I try that
[17:24] Reiz: or else it probably just won't make any sense
[17:25] J: Wave... types....
[17:25] J: I kinda have an idea of what you mean.... maybe
[17:25] J: etso perhapso
[17:25] J: Prob not
[17:25] J: I'll just practice doing that.
[17:25] J: And now you can make your blog!
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