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Message Subject Training my energy and actually making progress! :D
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Projection is another useful tool. I split it up into two broad categories defined by which body or form you are in when projecting.

Spirit projection, where you take on the form of your soul which may or may not resemble your body. Mine sure doesn't. This type of projection mainly seems to take place on some other plane of existence although I know for a fact that you can bring your spirit down to earth or some other physical location on this level.

Etheric projection, AKA an Out of Body Experience where you separate your "ghost" from your body and go have fun with it. Named after the term Ethereal. Your ghost is a energy copy of your physical body. It can exist on the same planes as your spirit but is not the same thing.

Why there are multiple bodies I don't know, nor do I know if this is an isolated phenomenon unique to people like Reikara and myself. Both of our spirits look vastly different from our physical bodies, but they do greatly resemble a physical body we have had in the past. Mine for example looks almost exactly like Dante's except different clothes. I saw thus trailer and went "HOLY FUCK THAT'S ME!!!!!!!" and then showed it to about six other people and they also went "WTF THAT'S YOU!!!!!!" so I've got more than a little bit of evidence to back that up. Granted I won't be surprised if people start raising B.S flags over it.

In addition to this video almost exactly resembling a certain period of my past life, a story I'm not going to go into, and making me want to play the game because now I've made a whole bunch of predictions based on how the storyline should go assuming it follows my memories (Which it probably won't but I've been wrong about that before. Damn you Capcom, making me wanna buy stuff).... that's what my spirit looks like except with different clothes.

In any case, projection can be a very useful tool. For one its partly how I was able to remember how I learned magic in the first place. But also you can practice it in those forms generally a lot easier than you can physically. The huge advantage of that is if you learn something up there you can then replicate the method you used to learn it and then learn the same thing down here. Beyond that, you can learn how to do stuff like remote viewing and clairvioance, both are tricky to learn. I can't do those things but I should probably learn how, be rather useful.

You can also learn to become a poltergeist which is always fun :P

Not only that, but if you have very advanced abilities with your spirit or ghost, you can in theory pull that power through to the physical world and have those exact same abilities available here.

The way my friends explain it, and the way I've experienced it the one time I actually managed to do this, is that you need to get yourself into a mindset where you see absolutely no difference between this plane and the others. You need to approach this world exactly like you approach projection, as if you are your spirit/ghost here. If ou can do that, then when you go to use energy you will draw on the power of your spirit instead of your body. This will supposedly result in a sudden and dramatic physical change as your entire spirit pulls through into the physical plane and becomes your physical body. At least this is what I've been told.

I've only ever managed to do that once, and it took a good 30 minutes of coaching and prodding from my friends before I managed to get into that mindset for a single moment. During that moment there was one tiny spark of energy that flowed through my left arm as I tried to use telekinesis. That one spark was strong enough to give me a mild sunburn. Not only that, but the normal energy blocks that mysteriously keep my energy from flowing at its maximum (that cord tether thing I talked about in my sleep deprivation thing) fractured a little bit and let more stuff come through. After that all of my abilities that I did have physically became enhanced until I lost them to my overload weeks later.
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