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The Infinite Reality of Awakening Within the Vision

Oiled in Florida
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10/12/2011 07:26 PM
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The Infinite Reality of Awakening Within the Vision
WAKE UP SHEEPLE.............

All of humanity has visions, the pictures created in dreams, because humans are natural dreamers and visionaries. But only a very few awaken within the dream.

When faced with the unknown while asleep and dreaming, by fear, most return to a material world of consciousness and falsely claim to have "woken up" from their dream. Little do they realize that they have not awoken, but have only returned to a conscious sleep by escaping the infinite reality within the dream.

When one comes to the conscious realization that they are dreaming, but does not "wake up," they have then awoken within the dream, not outside of it. Instead of falling to the earth from the mountain in fear of death, they instead "awaken" within the dream and begin to fly with the eagles: Rather than drowning in the sea, they begin to swim with the whales and dolphins. This is interacting with the infinite reality... turning around within your own consciousness in order to "see" into the infinite reality.

In dreams, many have wanted to turn around because they perceived a light or some being behind them. Those who have done so have awoken within the reality of the infinite. The result is beyond the scope of material word definitions.

The very first impression of "turning around" is an astute clarity of the image, its extreme hues of color, and a vivid perception that far exceeds anything experienced in the conscious material world. Many will say to themselves that what they have beheld is superior to anything they have ever seen before. Sometimes these "within the dream" awakening experiences are accompanied with spoken communication, with or without seeing another being. Some may also see what appears to be a fog, a heavy mist in the air, or even a veil of sorts. Sometimes the veil appears to have a shimmering quality, much like the aurora borealis.

There are a very few who have awoken within the dream, "turned around," and have seen a light. This light is either surrounded by or emerges from a deep darkness or blackness. Nothing else can be seen because this light within the darkness is the infinite and formless Creator, the God of all that is.

Many have claimed to have experienced an "enlightenment", but only those who have seen the infinite and formless God of Creation, and have stood within it, have been illumined in the Living Light.

Those who have stood within the infinite reality of the Living Light are empowered to carry the Logos of Creation, the Living Word of Light. To them, the "dream" never ends and they walk about in the material world, but they are no longer of it. There is no fear of death within a human who walks in both the material conscious world and with the infinite reality of God Consciousness.

Seek the Living Light and you will find yourself awakening within the vision.

[link to worldvisionportal.org]
Oiled in Florida (OP)

User ID: 3074712
United States
10/12/2011 07:34 PM
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Re: The Infinite Reality of Awakening Within the Vision
Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.

Who looks outside, dreams.

Who looks inside, awakens.

[link to worldvisionportal.org]


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