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Message Subject Oh No, I did it... Something I have always wanted to avoid. DANG! Texting v. Talking
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I think it's definitely changing the way we communicate but it will probably be a while before we really realize all the effects. It's hard to say sometimes whether it brings people closer or distances them.
For instance, this friend was talking about how she and her husband met some people on vacation and the people asked for their phone number. They didn't really want to get involved with them so they gave them their email address instead ("we can be pen pals" is what my friend was thinking- it didn't seem as personal and that way they'd be easier to get rid of).

The flip side of that is I knew someone who talked on the phone every few years to keep in touch with someone and when she gave them her email address they started sending long emails all the time. So- in one way they were in touch more, but emailing is less personal. You never know if the person is actually reading everything you say, especially if you get short answers back. So, in a way, it's like talking to yourself.

I don't do any texting and I'm just really not into it. It seems really egotistical that some people are constantly telling other people what they are doing, eating, etc.
Nobody has any privacy anymore. It's like everyone wants to be the star of their own reality show.
I was stopped next to a school bus last year and was amazed that the kids were so quiet until I realized they were all texting. It's weird to me that this whole group of kids were together but not interacting with each other- instead they were communicating with someone not there.

I don't like social networks because it seems like no privacy and a lot of showing off. People end up friend-ing people from their past that they never really even liked that much. Plus, a huge number of divorces are being caused by people finding old girlfriends and boyfriends online. Even if they don't meet and it's just friendly, when their spouse finds out they are contacting an old flame it causes a lot of trouble-but it's just so easy to do, especially if you see them on Facebook or something.
Plus, someone can sit in their family room with spouse and kids and be having cyber sex online or something weird like that. That's one of the really radical changes about society. Then there are those games that people get into a whole fantasy cyber-world.

On MSNBC tonight they showed a toddler playing with a computer and then trying to find buttons to push on a magazine. A lot of babies are growing up being used to seeing their grandparents on Skype. They are even used to seeing themselves on computer videos-sometimes watching themselves watching themselves on a video. That's a mindblower to me but that's how they are growing up.

There are some books that have been written on the subject- even how computers, texting, kindles, etc. are changing our brains and the way we think. Schools are staring to not teach cursive writing anymore and spelling and grammar don't matter as much when the speed of technical information is more important than the way it's written.
It's changing the world a lot, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.
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