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Message Subject I'm think of full time camper living
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You can get around building codes. Trailers don't need them.

Another idea: look around for an older single wide mobile home. You can get them for next to nothing, search for "must be moved". Look into investing in a proper septic tank and well though.

in fact, look around for some rural land with a condemned house, or a house that's falling down or burnt. Often you can buy land like that for less than if it was empty, and you get the bonus of already having things like a driveway, well, septic, etc. Burn up or get rid of the house (call the local fire department, they often would like to have a "practice" house).

I'm actually doing the above: bought some land cheap where a house used to be and am moving a used mobile there. I'll be debt free and self sustaining (almost) next year.
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