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Message Subject I'm think of full time camper living
Poster Handle Voluntary Death
Post Content
I'm all for you doing this! blah blah blah pFFT, building codes, there are ways if you live in a not so rural area as well.

My father got tires, by the trailer loads from the city. They would pay him $1each to take them away. He found a hillside, dug it out, stacked tires & filled w/ the dirt. The money he got for taking the tire was enought to pay for chicken fencing & stucco.

I've seen a home built out a straw bales with stucco.

I've seen all to many shacks of all sorts, anything is possible.

The best route these days seems to be converting a cargo container, they are cheap & portable so no bother w/ codes + great security from nature or man! I am planning on an add on next spring using a cargo container...
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