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Union Boss telling all paying members to take their $$ out of wall street.

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United States
10/13/2011 09:14 PM
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Union Boss telling all paying members to take their $$ out of wall street.
I just remembered while shopping today I stood against pillar in the store and watched for a good 5 minutes...it's nice to actually watch news rather then being in barracks room going to .net and .com for news lol.

Anyhow, he was in a little square at the bottom left of tv saying "if you are a paying member of any union then use your smarts and get your cash out of wall street. A dime for a dime."

Seems to me, if you are in troubling times yourself, you wouldn't expect to have any money sunk into Wall Street. I'd rather pull low and take the cut then pull out later and take a bigger cut roflmao.

You have any idea how many years and how much production would have to increase just to get back to status quo we had what...5-10 years ago? Ridiculously large amount of time/man power to get back to those results. Yet you leave your fools gold in the market hoping beyond hope just one day...it'll be worth 1/2 it's value.

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