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Iran WANTS war?! "Iranian radicals look for a limited armed clash with the US"

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 2684753
United States
10/14/2011 09:26 AM
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Iran WANTS war?! "Iranian radicals look for a limited armed clash with the US"
Not sure what to think of this considering its coming from Debka file... Always a slant (but what news source doesn't these days?).

--- snip ---

Ambassador Adel Al-Jubeir's assassination was planned to coincide with riots in the holy cities and disturbances in the oil regions and so cause a breakdown in national security and shake the throne to its foundations.

The Americans would then come running to save the kingdom,
4. By sacrificing a few of Iran's warships and planes in a limited clash, Tehran would win support from Russia and China, which are both strongly opposed to Western military intervention in Syria or any other part of the Middle East.

--- end snip ---

There is much more worth reading in the article. So, Iran appears to be changing its posture dramatically after untold years of self restraint... Or is this more disinformation being put forth for public consumption?

Either way, the "war with Iran" appears to still be in the forefront.

I'm tired of all these crazy mothers. Piss poor economy, constant threats and crazy loons running around trying to start wars. Enough already!

EDIT: I forgot the link to the source: [link to debka.com] <<< That what happens when I try to make posts before my first cup of coffee =0D