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Subject Wall Street Final Interview Question posed to 3 college Grads. Who got the job?
Poster Handle Beedlejuice
Post Content
3 Harvard Finance Graduates walk into a final interview with Goldman Sachs.

After 4 prior interviews each are called back for the final and telling question.

The first Grad g is called and enters an enormous office with a man sitting behind an Oak Desk with gold ornaments all over it. they shake hands and the Grad sits down.

The interviewer looks at him sternly and asks one question," What is 2 plus 2?

The Grad is taken back a little thinking to himself and finally answers,'Four!" with a pleased smile on his face."Thank you you can go, we'll let you know" says the interviewer as he again shakes his hand. Grad number one, with a look of puzzlement on his face says,"Thank You". and exits.

Grad number two sets down and is asked the same question. Grad number two thinks very hard and says,'Five". A smile crosses his face. Again the interviewer shakes his hand with a "Thank You, we'll let you know"., and Grad 2 exits.

Grad number 3 enters the room without a tie, muddy shoes and a wrinkled suit and sits down. The interviewer looks at him up and down sternly and asks him the same question," what is 2 and 2?".

The grad reaches over the desk to a box of cigars on the interviewers desk pulls one out bites off the end lights it and blows several smoke rings in the air, all with out asking any permission.

The Grad leans into the interviewer and says," What do you want it to be?".
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