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Poster Handle my2centsworth
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Love is the answer, but it will take time to rehabilitate these people. Hopefully, we don't run out of time(~)

 Quoting: theSearchingJones

Love and compassion is the answer but so long as the evil humanoids continue to create racial tensions, pitting races against each other, pitting religious beliefs against each other, We The People will never be able to win the battle they have started.
 Quoting: 284dan

It isn't all the humaoids... its the huminoids that have power... you could be right, that we cannot do a thing about it...
Unless of course "we the people" demonstrated as one at the same time, to show the "killing machine" (government aka TPTB) what we think of their killing tactics.. in a peaceful way...
Sadly I think that is exactly what some people thought when they got involved with the OWS movement.. the actual intent of that movement got scattered to the winds...
Gee? I wonder who may have played a part in bringing confusion to that movement.
How did they infiltrate and confuse that movement?
Why did they infiltrate and confuse that movement?
This was a movement initiated by people wanting to show their disgust of the Banking, Investment and Government collusion that brought our economic system to the brink of catastrophe. What it has become, is a fractured movement with no clear focus. That is dangerous.

Solving the issues this thread brings up, demands a very organized, very focused, group of organizers that have the ability to put the message out there, while at the same time deflecting infiltrating messages, that are sure to be raised, by those whose pocket book will be affected, by a successful movement.
 Quoting: my2centsworth

my2centsworth, you are correct in your assessment of the OWS & a well organized focused group would be able to deflect what is not the truth. Where to start one asks himself?

 Quoting: gd2balive

That MJ is the million dollar question!
It will require a lot of effort, ingenuity, commitment and integrity along with a lot of like minded people.
mmm GLP may be a good place to start.
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