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Do break every golden calf of babylon

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 3373546
10/15/2011 03:03 PM
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Do break every golden calf of babylon
There will be revolution in this world,
the revolution of the people to break out of
slavery. Modern slavery.

This world did run many centuries on the
value of money. But this money system is
only in place to maintain slavery.

People do talk about to get a job in society.
But for who and for what are you working for ?
To feed more money into the pockets of the rich ?
To maintain a system, where 99% of people are living
in slavery, 1% in extreme wealth ?

Suppose this world is only run by money.
What would God need to charge You, to use
this planet and it's resources ? How much
need the sun need to charge to bring light
to this planet ? How much need God to charge
You to give You life ? Think about this.

The money system is a dream, an illusion. It
is put in place to give more resources, benefits
to some people, at the cost of other people.

Actualy those who are rich are those who
are poor in their heart,
to share their wealth !

Some people with money, and interest are against the
protest which are influenced by me all over the world.
But Your protest will not help, neither Your anger
to maintain the things, they were in the past. Many times
I did predict, a financial revolution. And this will come.

This action will not stop. I will break down every
golden calf in this world. And I will bring good people
forward on the streets. I will inspire them with good
thought and fill their heart with the wish to bring change for this beautifull planet.

It is time this planet is run by love, share and whisdom.

User ID: 2832072
10/16/2011 03:05 PM
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Re: Do break every golden calf of babylon
We both known, what will happen.

All the Best,

VVizz of Ur
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 3801543
10/22/2011 11:48 AM
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Re: Do break every golden calf of babylon
The future will be known as a future where people will take responsability. When people do live together in a society, nobody needs to have lack of food, clothes, shelter, medical care, education, social contact,... there is abundance on this world. Really.

The current crisis is not, because there is lack of goods, services. No, it is because there is an abundance. Think about that.

When an economical system is made, baded on profits, on competition on the sales of goods, services, it is normal, one day, the limit is reached.

I do not call to change this world to a world where people do nothing and do receive everything from those who do work in society. Neither I do call for a change, people need to work as slaves to earn their living. It is all about balance.

It is the responsability of those who do have abundance to share. As it is the responsability for those, sitting at home, doing nothing, to engage in society !

But all this has to be fair play. With fair rules, and last but not least an honest system to support, reward people for their good engagement.

So all do need to take responsability.

Things will not change to destroy the current economic model, to change it to anarchy. This economic model needs to transform, to modify like a butterfly does. To improuve to a system, where there is no lack of comfort to anyone.

So it is normal, which is not stable, not right, not honest, not true, will be destabilized and brought down.

Yes, the gamblers of the stock markets, yes, the banks. Yes the monetary system. All this will need a big change.

See this as an opportunity. A drastic change in Your world. Because if the system does continu as it is, You would end up living on a dead planet, a world where there is no resources left, a desert.

So do welcome the change on this planet. It is a blessing.