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Subject How do you win a war against a foe that you can't touch?
Poster Handle Father
Post Content
You learn how to use your real weapons hiding inside of you.

Each of you since birth have been comprimised to be guided along a specifically trained path using what the eyes can see, ears can hear etc etc....

You have been led to believe that you are powerless and that is so far from the truth its not even a joke.

For any that are interested here is a place that is freely teaching anyone who has recently become aware of odd energy inside of them and are looking for answers.

There has been a call placed and many are finally hearing it. It is a very exciting time we are living in and we arent the only world involved.

We welcome students and teachers of all kinds to enlighten the minds of those who seek it to rejoin their original family in peace.

The world is in for one heck of a surprise that it's gonna just love universally.

Be good to one another

Be happy
Love all
expect to be amazed

Whom ever can find the doors shall pass.


[link to www.yadushidumaliyu.com]

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