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Subject One sentence that will prove you are not free.
Poster Handle GodFrequency
Post Content
Taxes are taken by force, and are not voluntary.

Taxes are enforced at gun point or with threats of imprisonment paid directly to the Federal Reserve (Rothschilds), and are not voluntary funds received out of any sense of patriotism or fairness. If our country was truly wonderful, and truly great, and government was the answer that everyone believes in, then why would you need to use violence to collect from it's supposedly free society?

Who here believes that people would still be paying "Their fair share", after we all found out about the bailouts, about GE paying no taxes while making billions. No, if taxes were voluntary, government would have a very small box to operate within. No more imminent domain, or corporate hand outs, because the free people would feel free not to pay for it any longer. It would also give the same collective power to the citizens that now only giant corporations and political groups seem to have.

After all, if they are truly our public servants, and you claim that you are truly free, shouldn't you have the ability to fire them? Who here would continue paying if it meant funding our true masters, the Federal Reserve, the United Nations, The IMF, the trilateral commission, etc. etc. etc. None of which you as supposed free people will never in your lifetime have a chance to vote their power over you away from them. But if you were free, you could at least choose freely not to pay them!
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