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Message Subject Are you a Gemini? Everybody is welcome!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I don't subscribe to all this astrology nonsense, though I can see how one might view themselves with "gemini" tendencies.

I did have a weird experience when I was in 5th grade though, which was followed by an even weirder revelation four years later.

I woke up one night (must have been 2 AM) to my Mom and stepdad arguing... Nasty argument with cussing and name calling. I'm on my bed resting on my hands and elbows and suddenly these two guys (twins) walk through my door wearing black tuxedoes. They looked just like the dark-haired actor from Jake and the Fat man as well as Riptide. In sync, they say to me, "We'll be back." That's it. I'm just looking at them.

Anyway, it seemed so real that I honestly don't know if I was dreaming or not. Keep in mind, I was fifth grade and had no clue what astrology was at the time. Next, my bed starts shaking, up and down. I don't remember being afraid.

FF 4 years later. I'm sitting in my mom's bathroom doing my business, and my mom happens to have this dream interpretation book in there. So I pick it up, look through, and come across the zodiac page. Hmmm, I'm thinking. My BD is 6/18, so I scroll down and BAM! I see it. TWINS. I actually got goose bumps when I saw that for the first time.

Like I said though, I don't subscribe to all that astrology nonsense.
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