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Message Subject Are you a Gemini? Everybody is welcome!
Poster Handle wisc_natureboy
Post Content
This is a gemini :) Reading it is like looking in a mirror.

[link to www.astro-counseling.com]
 Quoting: deadpammy

I guess it is Libra's and Sagittariuses for us Gemini's.

From your link:

When a Gemini matches up with another Gemini itís usually a miracle because the two of you would burn each other out instantaneously but it would be a good time while it lasted; Cancers and you should stick to making money or at least the Cancer could teach you how to make money; Leos are quite stimulating however it often ends up like the love of a brother or sister; Virgos will set up house with you but you are very different; Libra will be your eternal lover and playmate; Scorpios are best left alone but hot while is lasts; Sagittarius is your opposite sign and therefore your marriage partner; Capricornís will push every button and shift your perspective but that is no fun in a romance; you will want to travel the globe with Aquarius in search of greener pastures; Pisces and you see life very differently but if you could have a common goal in business it might work; Aries makes good friendships and therefore good partners and Taurus will settle you down until you fly the coop from boredom.

(Far less than 50%)
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