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Message Subject Are you a Gemini? Everybody is welcome!
Poster Handle wisc_natureboy
Post Content
Gemini here~~~fortunately I have a Taurus moon which kind of balances the flightiness~~~but damn Taurus's are sure stubborn.
 Quoting: Ozark

I guess my moon was in Scorpio...

"When you were born, the Moon was in Scorpio.
The Scorpion! A spooky image for a spooky sign. There's a scary side to life. People get terrible diseases. Kids get damaged. Old people are forgotten. Everybody dies. Socially we're
conditioned to avoid mentioning those things, or to mention them only in ritual contexts -- like
jokes or political speeches. For Scorpio, the evolutionary aim is to face those shadowy places.

To make the unconscious conscious. To break taboos.
The Scorpio part of you is deep and penetrating. It has little patience with phoniness or hypocrisy. Trouble is, a little phoniness or hypocrisy often make life a lot easier for everyone!
Be careful of becoming so "deep" that you lose perspective. In the Scorpion part of your life,
you could slip into brooding and heaviness. So laugh a little! And find a few friends you can
talk to. Do that, and you'll keep you balance well enough to find wisdom.
With the Moon in Scorpio, your inner life is a cyclone of intensity."
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