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Message Subject Are you a Gemini? Everybody is welcome!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm on the cusp of cancer and gemini - june 22nd.

Chinese sign being HORSE.

I'm dual all the way!!! hahahaa....I think im more Gemini than cancerian...i'm not a moody cancerian in the least - always a smile - even if i am not happy! lol

Am ambidexterous - being born left-handed...feel very dual in many ways - emotionally, spiritually, sexually - even physically - i'm right-side dominant (strength) whilst being left-handed.

I'm deeply creative aswell as being an academic.
Mood swings are even dual - can be quiet and serene - or loud, fidgety, clown of a party....

So i never know who i'll be from one day to the next!! lol

I've always wanted to be more 'reliable' in a sense of 'who i am' - so others don't become confused, perplexed by the various sides of my personality.

Throughout my life i've had to keep my 'evil twin' in check - ALOT of the time. Must be the 'nice, dependable, loving' Cancerian part of me kicking in that won't allow the rebellious naughty gemini out as much as she wants to!


whhooooop whooop for Gemini's!!
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