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Message Subject Are you a Gemini? Everybody is welcome!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
gemini married a stag and had a virgo oh the drama in this house!!!
 Quoting: barky

Wow! Understatement! Gemini and Sag are opposites on the 'wheel' (air and fire) Add an Earth sign (Virgo) and I bet the sparks can fly! By the way, good on you for choosing an 'opposite' to mate with...there will be a lot of personal growth in that relationship (if you do not "kill' one another first!) LOL Personally, I did not marry an opposite...but I chose a Fire/Water relationship...also very challenging.

Oh, and by the by, OP - you chose a great sign...the best (or sometimes 'worst') of BOTH!!! ;)

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