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Message Subject Are you a Gemini? Everybody is welcome!
Poster Handle wisc_natureboy
Post Content
I'm a Gemini.. Pisces rising sign, Scorpio moon, Venus in Taurus... Chinese is Sheep with Ox rising. I have been very attracted to Pisces and Scorpio men. Haven't had a crack at a Taurus yet. My ex husband was a Virgo with Capricorn rising and Horse chinese. My present bf is an Aquarius with a Gemini moon and is a Dragon.

I've had a serious relationship with a Pisces and was very happy, too bad he wasn't. My soon-to-be-ex (if he keeps up the crap) bf wants to be best friends (my best friend growing up was Aquarius as well) but he is living up to his Gemini moon by being very fickle, chasing other women. With my Scorpio moon he is probably lucky to still be alive.

I nearly busted a gut reading the funny profiles, the truth is hilarius, but I am more like a Pisces. Their horoscopes are often more accurate for me.
For the record, I am not bi but I do talk too much!
 Quoting: Pisces Rising

I had to look up Ascendant sign to see that its the same thing as one's rising sign. LoL. Obviously new to this as stated in my OP. My rising is Virgo. Moon in Scorpio. My birth chart seems pretty accurate in both negative and positive ways. huh
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